Ghaziabad: Addressing an election rally in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Friday accused the Congress of ruining Uttar Pradesh in over 40 years of its rule by saying the party should be ashamed of seeking votes in the name of development in the state.

“People migrated during the Congress regime. It deteriorated the law and order situation in the state. In the name of development, it has ruined the state in its over 40 years rule,” the Chief Minister said.

She was quick to add, “The Congress is trying all means to come back to power and is therefore making baseless allegations against me.”

She further opined that the unemployment rate has risen since the Congress came into power at the Centre and would remain the same if it was voted to power in Uttar Pradesh.

“The BSP has taken effective measures to empower farmers in the state. The BSP is working towards farmers’ welfare,” she said while addressing an election rally at the Ramlila Ground, Kavi Nagar in Ghaziabad

“Farmers’ are getting benefit directly from the new land acquisition law,” she claimed.

Meanwhile, targeting the Congress on the issue of separate quota for minorities, she said, "I challenge Congress to make a separate reservation for Muslims instead of cutting out shares from others."

Dismissing Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi's claim that Central assistance was being misused by the BSP government, the Chief Minister hit back by saying various projects were lying incomplete due to absence of the funds.

The BSP supremo said, “If the Centre stops intervening unnecessarily in our (state) policies, we promise to provide 24 hours power supply and water in next two-three years.”

Lashing out at the opposition parties, she said Congress, SP and BJP were unable to digest that the BSP government has successfully worked for the welfare of all sections of society.

“If BSP is voted to power the per capita income of UP will double as we will generate more employment opportunities,” she promised.

Justifying the demand of bifurcating the state into four parts, she said, “Diving Uttar Pradesh into smaller states will accelerate the growth rate and will help administrators to run the region more smoothly.”

She further accused the Congress, BJP and SP of politicising the move to divide Uttar Pradesh into four regions of Bundelkhand, Purvanchal, Awadh Pradesh and Paschim Pradesh.

"Congress-led UPA government was never serious about the development of the state," Maywati said.

The Chief Minister also alleged that, "Congress talks about eradicating corruption, while they themselves are the most corrupt. 62 scams were unearthed in the coalition government at the Centre in only 31 months. The scams are estimated worth Rs 20 lakh thousand crore.”

On the issue of blackmoney, she said, “The blackmoney was stashed away in foreign banks during the NDA regime and when they are in Opposition, BJP is demanding to repatriate the blackmoney. This exposes their double standards.”

Hitting at the main opposition party in the state, she alleged, “If Samajwadi Party returns to power, the state would be in the hands of goons and criminals who would loot you.”

“The parks are decorated with the statues of Dalits and religious leaders who deserve respect of the whole country. Political parties talk of Dalit upliftment but criticise their leaders," she said.