New Delhi: Accusing the government of not being serious in passing the bill for providing quota for SC/STs in promotions in government jobs, BSP chief Mayawati threatened to take a "tougher" stand over the contentious issue.

The BSP on Tuesday once again stalled proceedings in both Houses of Parliament.

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati had questioned Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari for not initiating action against those members who were disrupting business in the House.

"I had said two days ago that BSP would adopt a 'tough' stand. It is the responsibility of the government and the Rajya Sabha Chairman to bring the House in order...Today's (outburst) was our first tough stand in Rajya Sabha. We will take our next stand at an appropriate time," Mayawati told reporters outside Parliament House.

She earlier said ensuring that the House was in order was the job of the government and the Rajya Sabha Chairman and they need to see this so that the SC/ST bill could be taken up for passage.

She accused the government of not being serious on the passage of the SC/ST quota bill.

"If the government is actually serious about the passage of the bill and other public interest legislations, then the government as well as the Chairman should see that the House should function in order," she said.

The BSP Chief said that she has been observing for a few days that the proceedings in Rajya Sabha have been disrupted after 12 noon. Mayawati said, "The Chairman leaves at 12 noon and thereafter the Deputy Chairman sits on the Chair and thereafter there is drama. This drama is repeated every day," suggesting action like use of marshals against members disrupting the House or suspending them to ensure that the House functions normally.

"There is a limit to tolerate things," she said while justifying the "tough" stand taken by her party in the Rajya Sabha earlier in the day.

Proceedings in Parliament touched a new low today with Mayawati stunning Rajya Sabha by her outbursts against the Chairman over its frequent disruptions.

She said the House turns disorderly after the Chairman leaves, adding since the House is not in order the SC/ST Bill is not being taken up.


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