New Delhi: Hitting out at the Samajwadi Party government over alleged "anti-Dalit" activities, BSP Chief Mayawati on Saturday said it was ordering probes into the works done during her tenure in Uttar Pradesh due to "political vendetta".

The former UP Chief Minister also made it clear she herself takes the policy decisions in her party and not her close advisors or officers as being publicised outside.

Mayawati said that P L Punia, the former Chief Secretary to her when she was Chief Minister, after leaving BSP and joining Congress had spread rumours that it was he who used to discharge all responsibilities when she was Chief Minister thrice from 1995 to 2002.

She noted that her opponents had created a similar opinion about her Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh during her fourth stint as Chief Minister.

"Now I am having apprehensions that after I have become a member of Rajya Sabha, my opponents may start spreading misinformation that it is actually the Leaders of both the Houses Satish Chandra Mishra in Rajya Sabha and Dara Singh Chauhan in Lok Sabha, who prepare for whatever I speak in the House," she said.

Mayawati added that in reality it is she, who mostly prepares the key points for her party leaders to speak in Parliament or at press conferences.

Insisting that her rise in the BSP is from the grassroots and she is in the command of party decisions, she said, "Unlike in some other parties, I have not been imposed as party's national leader or President on the basis of any inheritance or lineage. I have been always connected with the ground and the party movement."

On the Samajwadi Party rule in Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati claimed that people are now repenting bringing this government in power and blamed the "wrong" political stand of Congress and BJP for ensuring Samajwadi Party's win in Uttar Pradesh.

Mayawati said had both Congress and BJP not adopted a wrong stand, "no power would have stopped BSP from coming to power" again in UP.

Dismissing contentions that BSP was ousted from power in Uttar Pradesh due to wrong policies of her government, she said her party got more votes in 2012 Assembly elections than it had got in 2007 Assembly election and its vote percentage was only 2.75 percent less than SP in this election.

"This will not at all be appropriate to say that our party did not come to power this time because of the ills of the state government," she said.

Mayawati said people of the state have realised within two months and are repenting that they brought Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh.

She alleged around 800 murders, 270 rapes, 245 robberies, 256 kidnapping and 720 loots have taken place in UP in last two month since the SP government came to power.

"In a bid to deflect attention from these issues, the SP government is engaged in forcing probes in all small and big initiatives taken during my government," she said, adding it was being done for political vendetta otherwise she would have no problem had any probe been carried out without any bias.

Indicating her plans to consolidate the party's core base among Dalits in the future, while at the same time continuing with 'Sarvajan' politics, a tactical shift from the exlusive "Bahujan" politics of Kanshi Ram, Mayawati said, "I am not going to move even an inch from the line of party's movement."

Seeking to counter the allegations by her critics that she was dependent on few selected persons for decisions, the BSP chief said,"Unlike the leaders in other parties, I do not carry on my movement by depending on others...I have reached to this post in my party by working at grassroot level and remaining connected with the party movement."

She also dismissed questions that some old colleagues of her mentor Kanshi Ram have been alleging that she sidelined them in the party to keep herself in the top slot.


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