Lucknow: Not limiting herself to only sticking to her support for the Gandhian, BSP supremo Mayawati has gone a step ahead and advised Team Anna to contest Lok Sabha elections if it wants the Jan Lokpal Bill to get passed in the Parliament.

She asserted, “There still has not been any consensus on the kind of bill Team Anna wants to propose, so it would be better to stop the agitation and rather fight elections.”

Talking to the reporters in a press conference on Friday in Lucknow, she said, “The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has always supported groups who raise their voice against corruption. Our party wants an efficient and effective bill to be formulated by the government.”

However, she refused to support the inclusion of lower level officials under the Lokpal. She said, “Only those officials occupying top positions should be brought in the ambit of the bill. When they will be free of corrupt practices, they will be able to prevent corruption at the lower level as well.”

She emphasised, “The right to bring the Lokpal Bill rests with the states and must be left to them only. The BSP is already acting on the recommendations of the Lokayukt without any delay.”

Talking on the Citizen Charter in the state, she said, “The BSP has implemented the Public Interest Guarantee Act in the state which includes services that will enforce accountability among the officials.”
Over the issue of inclusion of the Prime Minister and judiciary in the ambit of the Lokpal bill Mayawati said that the party would support the decision of the Parliament.

She criticised the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) of playing politics on the issue of Anna’s Hazare’s movement.
Referring to the anarchical situation created in the capital on Thursday, she also asked the Home Minister to take strict action against the miscreants who were involved in threatening the law and order situation in the light of the anti-corruption movement.

Warning Anna supporters in the state, she said, “The government has no objection to a peaceful and disciplined movement but any violation of law can invite strict action.”