Lucknow: Under attack by the Opposition over rape incidents in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Mayawati has called a high-level meet of state officials on June 27 and also announced amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code making harsher provisions for the guilty.

"Keeping in view incidents of rape and other crimes against women, my government has decided to effect some important amendments in the CrPC," Mayawati told reporters here.

She said section 437 and 439 of the CrPC would be amended to ensure the trial is completed within six months and the cases of assault will be made non-bailable.

"Provision will be made that the accused does not get bail till the time he is proved innocent," she said.

Mayawati said that an ordinance to this effect was being forwarded to the governor.

Mayawati said a state-level meeting of police and administrative officers has been called on June 27 in the state capital.

"I myself will chair the meeting...directives will be issued to launch a month long campaign at all police stations," she said.

Mayawati admitted to laxity on the part of police and administration as being responsible for the incidents to an extent.

Slamming those critical of her, she said: "The opposition parties instead on indulging into dirty politics should tell people about misdeeds of such people and create awareness among them to develop good culture in characterless people".

The UP CM alleged that opposition parties, with an eye on the state assembly election, were trying to defame the government in some cases.

"In Lakhimpur incident, opposition parties and even the Centre made all out efforts to defame the government. Facts which have emerged during inquiry is entirely different from the statements given by the opposition parties," she claimed.

"Whatever allegations have been levelled are baseless and far from facts. The inquiry is going on and the findings will be made public soon," she added.

Citing recent cases of crime, Mayawati said not only prompt action was taken and accused arrested, but action was also taken against police personnel if laxity was detected on their part.

Citing NCRB data she said that rate of rape cases was very low as compared to Congress and BJP-ruled states in the country.

"An effort is being made to create a picture that maximum crime against women were taking place in UP, which is baseless," she said.

"While rate of rape cases in UP is 0.9 per cent, it is 1.4 in AP, 5.3 in Assam, 4 in Chhattisgarh, 4.2 in MP and 2.6 in Delhi," she claimed.
"As far as statement by SP leaders is concerned, people have not forgotten its goondaraj and atrocities. They have no moral right to raise fingers," she said.