Ambedkarnagar/Faizabad: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati  on Thursday attacked Congress saying 62 big scams involving around Rs 20 lakh crore have taken place during the UPA regime at the Centre.

Addressing election meetings, Mayawati termed the Congress-led government as corrupt and said despite these scams the CBI has not shown the inclination to speed up trials.

"No action has been taken on the Amar Singh, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Shanti Bhushan CD case," she said.

Under attack on the issue of corruption, Mayawati said SP, BJP and Congress had no right to speak on it. All these parties are trying to project themselves as honest after being part of massive irregularities, she said.

Alleging that BJP, Congress and their supporting parties were aiming to finish the constitutional right of reservation meant for dalits, Mayawati said opposition parties wanted to divide dalits and backwards in the name of quota which would not be allowed by her party.

Mayawati said that Congress has misled Muslims on the issue of reservation for which she had written several letters to the prime minister in the past.

"Congress is saying that it would give reservation to backward Muslims in proportion to their population under the OBC quota and by doing so they want both these sections to stand against each other," she said adding that Congress was playing politics on this issue.

The BSP supremo said she has given tickets to people with clean image and had taken care to give representation to all sections of society in ticket distribution.

The BSP chief said that to deal with problems of poverty, unemployment and inflation it was essential to bring back BSP to power and stop BJP, SP and Congress from forming the government in Uttar Pradesh.