Lucknow, Jan 30 (Agencies): Countering Chief Election Commissoner S Y Quraishi's view that candidates with criminal background should be barred from polls, UP Chief Minister Mayawati on Sunday said nobody should be prevented from becoming a candidate without conviction as such a provision in law could be misused.

Mayawati also expressed opposition to the CEC’s idea that state funding of elections is "dangerous" and said, "All government expenses should be borne by the Centre and it will lead to free and fair elections and also prevent criminalisation of politics".

She said, "I am of the view that without conviction (by a court) no one should be barred from contesting polls as the provision can be misused. Before enacting such a provision, it should be kept in mind that it could be misused," while addressing a seminar on 'Regional Consultation for Electoral Reforms' here.

While Quraishi said he was in favour of debarring candidates from contesting polls against whom charges have been framed.

Terming idea of state funding of elections as "dangerous", the CEC said it would lead government expenditure while at the same time there will be spending of illegal money in elections.

Mayawati, however, favoured the idea of state funding saying, "All government expenses should be borne by the Centre to have free and fair elections and also put a check on criminalisation of politics".