New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati criticised the Central Government for seeking views of the state government on the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill without providing a draft of the bill to the state government.

Mayawati, in a written speech read out by UP Finance Minister Lalji Verma at the National Integration Council (NIC) meeting, said, “It is necessary to explain that the Centre has not sent the proposed Communal Violence Bill to the state government. Hence, the state cannot comment on it.”

“It will be appropriate if the Central establishment forwards the draft bill to the state governments and finalize it after consulting the states,” she added.

She said that the reports appearing in the media were creating confusion about the Bill.

Pointing towards the Centre’s decision of providing only 52 companies of central forces out of 642 companies demanded by the state after the ‘Ayodhya verdict’, Mayawati said, “The government, however, managed to maintain peace and harmony in the state.”

The UP Chief Minister said that the government is running scores of schemes for the upliftment of the minority community in the state, which will safeguard their fundamental, educational, cultural and economic rights.

The state has enacted the UP Minority Commission amendment Act 2007 to protect rights of minority community.  “We are also working on upgrading madrasas by including modern subjects in addition to religious one,” she said.