Allahabad: With the Assembly elections scheduled for next year, the Mayawati government has already started wooing its voters by extending the scholarship benefits for Scheduled Caste students.

The Social Welfare Department of the state has announced that parents of SC students whose income limit is Rs 2 lakh per year can now avail the scholarships. Earlier, this income limit was fixed at Rs 1 lakh. This move will certainly see a sharp rise in the increase of scholarship beneficiaries.

Under the Centrally sponsored ‘Post Matric Scholarship Scheme to SC students’, along with an increase in the income limit of the parents’ additional allowance benefits have also been announced by the Social Welfare Department. Scholarships have been divided into four groups with an increase in it.

The non-boarding students of medical, engineering and post-graduate under  group ‘A’ will get Rs 550 a month, while boarding students will receive Rs 1200 a month.

Similarly, under group ‘B’, other professional, technological and diploma level non-boarding and boarding students will be paid Rs 530 and Rs 820 respectively.

Group ‘C’ (graduates) non-boarding students will get Rs 300 and boarding students will get Rs 570. Under group ‘D’ the non-boarding and boarding students will be paid Rs 230 and Rs 380 respectively.

Also, registration, education, sports, union, library, magazine, medical diagnosis and other essential fees will be reimbursed to the SC students.