Lucknow:  In order to secure the loyalties of 25 percent Pasi voters in the state, Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati has appointed Ram Lakhan Pasi as the zonal coordinator for 110 assembly seats which are dominated by people hailing from the community.

The schedule caste class constitutes 50 percent Jatav, 25 percent Pasi and 25 percent of remaining castes. Jatav is considered to be staunch supporters of the BSP. Out of the 21 legislators from Pasi dominated assembly constituencies in 2007, only five were from the BSP.

The Opposition is also eying on the Pasi community saying that the BSP is providing benefit to a particular community.

The distance between the Pasi community and the BSP can be gauged from the fact that Pasi dominated Barabanki parliamentary seat was won by Congress leader PL Punia who was one time close aide of Mayawati.

However, the BSP had tried hard to defeat Punia in the last general elections.

Sources said the Pasi community is deciding factor in 110 assembly segments spreading across 35 districts.

Previously, Ram Lakhan Pasi was the Assistant Commissioner in Registration Department. After meeting Mayawati, Pasi took Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) and was made zonal coordinator of the BSP on the same day.