Lucknow: Chairperson of National Commission for Women Yasmeen Abrar on Thursday accused the Mayawati government of denying it permission to hold a hearing in the
state capital on the issue of "recent spurt" in crime against women in Uttar Pradesh.

Abrar, who went to Nighasan in Lakhimpur district to meet the family of the minor girl who was allegedly raped and murdered in a police station, said that she was refused permission at the last moment on Wednesday to hold the public hearing and meet senior officials so as to know the reasons behind the disturbing trend.

"We had been informing the state government of our programme regularly but last evening we were told that due to the busy schedule of the officials it would not be possible to hold a meeting," she said, adding that now the commission has given July 7 as the next date for its programme.

"That it was a last minute decision on the part of the state could be proved from the fact that some of the state officials were already present at the VVIP guest house"—the venue of meeting, she said.

Abrar claimed her team was not given protocol and had to go to Nighasan by hiring a taxi from Lucknow.

On the recent spat with the UP government which accused the various national commissions of being proactive in the state, Abrar said that she was only working as per the law for checking atrocities against women by taking suo motu notice of such incidents, anywhere in the country.

"Our job is only to make recommendations and help the government.... We are not taking any action against anyone and if anyone thinks it is wrong it is their faulty thinking," she
said, adding that instead of blaming the central government or terming it as the "remote control, it would be better if the work of the commission is viewed separately”.

On suggestions that the NCW was "focusing" on UP, Abrar said that "it was only because more incidents are taking place in the state.

"Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister should appreciate us for our efforts to check crime against women," she said.

On the visit to Nighasan, she said the mother of the deceased had sent a telephonic message to the Commission in this regard.

The legal advisor, Mehmood Parcha, who accompanied Abrar to Nighasan, said that evidence were still lying outside the room, which the mother of the girl has identified as the
place of crime, and they had not been taken note of by the investigating teams.

"Some cotton swabs were found lying outside the ventilator of the room and they have been sealed and handed over to the police for proper forensic investigations," he said. PG