Lucknow: Four years ago when the BSP emerged victorious in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Mayawati government had claimed that her government would ensure 10 percent growth rate for the state. The claims were also included in the inaugural Governor’s address after Mayawati took over the reins of the state.

The worst fears of economists, who had termed the target unachievable for the state, came true on Thursday as the Mayawati government celebrated its fourth anniversary.

The data of state government itself paints a sorry picture of the growth as from 2007-08 to 2009-10, the economic growth rate of the state has been at 6.6 percent, which is nowhere near 10 percent mark.

Experts have observed that the government’s announcement was made in a hurry as it is difficult to achieve such a target in the prevailing conditions in Uttar Pradesh.

Prof Yashveer Tyagi, head of Economics Department of Lucknow University, said that the goal of 10 percent growth was ambitious and the state needs to improve on several counts if it wants to achieve the target.

Prof Tyagi said, “Situation in Uttar Pradesh needs to change especially infrastructural facilities. Electricity is one of the major problems in the state and private players invest in those states where there is good governance. They want corruption to be minimal and quick transfer of files.”

The UP government had set this target under a strategy.

The Centre had set a target of nine percent annual during the 11th Five Year Plan. Observing this, the UP government increased its projection by 1 percent and stated they will achieve 10 percent target.

Uttar Pradesh’s per capita income was 53.2 percent of the national average in 2004-05 it slipped to 48.6 percent and further dipped to 48 percent in 2007-08 and 2009-10, respectively.