Lucknow: In an effort to ensure that law and order does not crop up as a political tool during the 2012 state elections, the Bahujan Samaj Party government has decided to soften its stand on issuing arms license. 

Following the instructions of Chief Minister Mayawati, orders have been passed to all the District Magistrates (DMs) in the state to launch a three-month campaign for the early disposal of pending gun license cases.

State Home Secretary Sandeep Salunke has directed the DMs to ensure the timely collection of reports from the police and Tehsil office. He has given the district authority a time of three months to clear all the pending matters.

Efforts are also underway to save the applicants from taking several rounds of government office to get an arms license.

In a recent review, the CM was informed about the delay in handing over the arms license on the district level. She was also apprised of the dilly-dally approach of the DMs while approving the arms license. The state authorities present in the meeting maintained that providing arms license to people who felt insecure due to security concerns would bring down the crime graph. 

For the record, the DM office after receiving the arms license application forwards it to the police authorities for further verification and the investigation of the past record of the applicant. The district police team is expected to complete the entire process and submit the report with the DM office within a span of 20 days. During this time span, the police team checks the criminal history of the applicant, if any.

Thereafter, the DM office sends the applications to the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) for the Tehsil report. The SDM is required to obtain the report from the Naib Tehsildar and provide his confirmation. After the completion of all these formalities, the arms license is issued from the DM office within three months.