Lucknow: In a bid to blunt the attacks on the proposed division of Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Mayawati launched diatribes against the Congress saying it does not want equal development in the regions of the state.

“It is Centre’s prerogative to restructure the state. In order to mount pressure on the Central government, the BSP government has decided to pass the proposal of splitting UP in the assembly,” said the Chief Minister.

“If the Congress-led UPA government wanted proper development of UP, they would have acted according to constitution and passed the proposal for getting recommendation of the President on the bill,” she added.
 “In 2007, after the BSP government came into power, we have been continuously making written request to the Prime Minister for UP division. Sensing lax attitude of the Centre in this context, we have decided to present it in the state assembly on November 21,” said the Chief Minister.

She said, it is clear from Digvijay’s remark that the Congress party wants to delay this issue like the Telangana statehood demand. She also pulled up the BJP and SP, stating that both the parties have always been against formation of small states.