Mumbai: Trying to play her political cards at the national level and extend her party's reach beyond Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Mayawati on Sunday asked the Maharashtra government to provide houses to migrants, including those from north India, in the city. This statement, likely, will not go down well with parties like Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.

The BSP leader was addressing a Gujarat-Maharashtra party meeting at suburban Goregaon. The meeting was called to understand the strategy planned out for the local body election. That is why trying to feel the pulse of the migrants in Mumbai from north India she lashed out at the Congress-led state government.

She said, “The state government, before cleaning up the slums, should understand that people who come in search of jobs to Mumbai have no permanent place to stay. I wish to tell the state government here to provide them jobs before relocating them out of Mumbai.”

"Those, who have come to seek their bread and butter, have not built palaces here. Wherever they have found employment, they are staying in slums in the area. I wish to convey to the state government that these slum dwellers should be provided employment before evicting them out of Mumbai. And if you don’t have resources to provide them livelihood, then I will advise the government to build high-rises and provide them two-room houses in those buildings, in the same area so that their employment avenues are protected," she added.

(JPN/ Bureau)