Lucknow: Slamming the Centre's decision to allow FDI in retail, UP Chief Minister Mayawati on Saturday alleged that it was taken to benefit companies of foreign friends of Rahul Gandhi and said that her government would not allow it in the state.

She demanded that the Congress-led UPA government roll back the decision immediately, failing which her party would be forced to take some harsh decision.

"In a bid to benefit the foreign companies and to make the country a slave on the lines of East India Company, the Centre has decided to hand over the economy in the hands of companies like Walmart," Mayawati alleged while talking to the reporters.

"The state government is writing a letter to the Centre in this regard," she said.

Hitting out at Rahul Gandhi, the UP CM said that as the Congress 'yuvraj' was brought up and educated in foreign country, his mindset was that of a foreigner.

"Therefore, whenever he comes to UP he brings along his foreign friends on leisure trip and for entertainment take them to the huts of poor people to make mockery of their poverty," she alleged.

She further alleged that the decision on FDI was taken to benefit companies of these foreigners and to make them billionaires.

"With UP assembly elections nearing, Congress 'yuvraj' in a bid to benefit companies of his foreign friends is indulging into dramatics to bring his party in power," she alleged.

"The decision to allow FDI was taken by the cabinet despite opposition by a UPA ally," Mayawati said.
The decision was taken by the UPA government despite knowing the fact that after the entry of the multinational companies, the economy would "completely go in their hands", she said.