Greater Noida: There is not much to cheer for the villagers in Noida and Greater Noida after the announcement of the new Land Acquisition Policy by the Mayawati government.

The new policy might be beneficial for the farmers in other parts of the state, but it will not be the same for the people of Noida and Greater Noida region as the new land acquisition policy will not be applicable in regions where master plan for development of the township has already been notified by the local development authority.

As per the new policy comes which into effect from June 2, builders would purchase 70 percent of the required land from farmers. However there are seven such authorities including those in Noida, and Greater Noida under which the 70 percent clause would not be applicable.

However, the farmers would enjoy all other benefits of the new land acquisition policy.
The new policy however is dotted with several pro-farmer clauses. As per the new policy the development authorities would return 16 percent of the acquired land to its owners after the property is developed.

Even those who have not inherited property in the region but have bought it on their own would enjoy all the benefits under the new policy if their land is acquired by the Authority.