Lucknow: Basking in glory over the successful completion of four years in office, Bahujan Samaj Party supremo and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Friday not only credited her government for tremendous development in the state but also used the opportunity to lambast every Oppostion party.

On this occasion, the BSP supremo laid the foundation stone for projects worth Rs 20 billion. She also lashed out at the BJP and Congress. She did not even spare veteran social activist Anna Hazare and targeting him said, “BSP has always welcomed those who have stood against corruption. But few of Anna’s companions are mere tools in the hands of political party. Why did not Anna start his campaign from his hometown Maharashtra? Why did he choose UP instead to start his anti-corruption campaign when there are no scams in the state.”

Flaying the Lokpal Bill, Mayawati said, “No Dalit member in the joint committee of the Lokpal Bill highlights the anti-dalit mentality of the committee. BSP will hold protest across the nation in a bid to expose the dual characteristic of the civil society.”

After pompously patting and crediting herself for the successful tenure, she directly targeted the Centre saying, “The Centre has always neglected the state’s development. Whenever any development plan has been sent to the Centre by the state government, either they have ignored them, or have pointed out snags in the plans.”

 “With limited resources the state government has performed far better than the previous governments in the past 40 years,” she said in a function organised in Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar auditorium to mark four years of BSP tenure completion.

Mayawati added, “In order to create a hindrance on the path of development of the state government, the Centre has stated a new trend of releasing funds in the last month of the fiscal year. As such, the state government fails to utilise the fund allocated at the last moment which goes into the saving account of the state. On the basis of the savings, the Centre in the next fiscal allots less budget.”

She further stated, “The fund sought to fill the critical gap between Bundelkhand and Purvanchal has not been released as of now. The special assistance package of Rs 80,000 crore for this purpose has yet not been released. “Citing these reasons, Mayawati termed the announcement, made by the Prime Minister on April 30 in Banda about Bundelkhand, as a political antic to win public support.”

(JPN/ Bureau)