Karamsad (Guj): The Medical Council of India (MCI) is planning to introduce by 2013 the 'licentiate examination' for MBBS students to qualify for their degrees. The step of MCI is an effort to make the country’s undergraduate medical education programme more qualitative.

"If government agrees to the proposal, licentiate examination to assess standards for an Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) could become optional from 2013, and mandatory from
2017," Chairman of MCI S K Sarin told reporters on the sidelines of a conference, 'National Consultations on Reforms in Medical Education'.

The MCI intends to conduct licentiate examinations after completion of internship, to qualify for the Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) status.

"Our aim is to standardise the output of graduate medical education throughout the country in the form of IMG," Sarin said.

"The objective behind introduction of this examination is to assess the minimum defined standards for a doctor passing out from any of the medical colleges in India," he said.
The online examination for MBBS students, who complete internship after March 2013, is scheduled to be conducted in four sessions, commencing April 2013.

According to MCI, the current estimate of doctor-population ratio in India is 1:1,700 against the world average of 1.5:1000.

The MCI Board of Governors, after inputs from various working groups, has reached a consensus the doctor-population ratio in India should be 1:1,000 by 2031.