London: Women members of the famous Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) have been asked to dress appropriately for the historic Lord's Test between India and England, which starts on Thursday.

Some male members of the MCC have apparently expressed their displeasure at the sight of women in jeans and showing 'toe cleavage' at the hallowed pavilion.

Their grouse is that some of the women members are exposing too much flesh at Lord's, which they feel is not cricket.

Fifty women have been granted membership of the exclusive club since a ban on them was overturned in 1999, but now some of the 18,000 male members are said to be disgruntled, reported a newspaper.

The MCC dress code demands men wear tailored coats, ties, trousers and 'acceptable shoes'.

For women it states: "Ladies should wear dresses; or skirts or trousers worn with blouses, and appropriate shoes. Dresses and blouses may be sleeveless."

Rules on clothing and behaviour at the Home of Cricket are stricter than any other ground in the world.

"The dress code is very strict. The code is clearly printed in the members' books and there are no exceptions," an MCC official was quoted as saying by a newspaper.

In the ground regulations, it states: "No betting (unless specifically authorised by the MCC Committee), unnecessary noise, or confusion of any kind is permitted in any part of the Ground.

"Flags, Banners, Musical Instruments, Klaxons, Rattles, Fireworks and other articles which may constitute an annoyance to spectators are also prohibited inside the Ground.

"The wearing of Fancy Dress costumes and oversized hats inside the Ground is prohibited."

The rules on guests changed this year, allowing each member to bring in two friends for T20 matches.