New Delhi: The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has finally decided to start work on Jama Masjid redevelopment project and make it a world heritage structure. Following which the MCD’s old plan to renovate the nearby areas around the mosque will be worked upon.

The MCD’s Work Committee on Wednesday has approved a budget of Rs 145.43 crore for beautification of the Jama Masjid. According to Jagdish Mamgain, chairman of MCD’s Work Committee, redevelopment of Main Bazar, Meena Bazaar, Parda Bagh, plaza and all the important mausoleums will be taken up in the first phase. Also, the money will be utilized in fixing the light system of the outer portion of the masjid and constructing an indicator for tourist information. 

In order to beautify the area, plants would be rooted and benches would be installed. Besides, a connecting road to Red Fort will be constructed.

All necessary approvals for the project have been obtained from Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC).

Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) on June 2009 had approved the necessary changes in the beautification project of Jama Masjid.       

After the renovation work, the Masjid would bear a look alike the Mughal era. When the Royal door of the mosque in front of the Meena Bazaar would be removed, the Urdu Bazaar road would be connected directly to the Red Fort. Not only this, but the Red fort and Jama Masjid would also be connected through a sub-way.

As per the plan, the illegal shops and encroachment near the area would be removed and replaced with heritage style benches and street lights.

In addition, 633 shops from the Jama Masjid campus would be removed and a parade ground would be built. The specific location will be provided in front of the mosque worshipers.

(JPN/ Bureau)