New Delhi: The campaigning for the Delhi municipal polls will end at an unusual time -- 5:30 am on
April 14, the State Election Commission has announced after Delhi Police flagged security concerns.
Usually, the campaigning for the municipal polls used to end a day before the polls in the evening.

The State Election Commissioner Rakesh Mehta issued the directions in this regard yesterday. The municipal polls will be held on April 15, Sunday.

In his order, Mehta said Delhi Police has recommended that holding of election meetings and canvassing for votes should be prohibited 36 hours before the end of poll at 5:30 pm on April 15.

"The State Election Commission, taking into consideration the advise and recommendation of the Delhi Police (on law and order situation), has decided that no political party, contesting candidates or any other persons shall convene, hold or attend any public meeting within a ward 36 hours prior to the hours fixed for close of the polls," Mehta said.

"As such, the above prohibition will be effective from 5.30 AM on Saturday April 14," Mehta said in the direction. After discussions with Delhi Police, the SEC also issued further instructions on campaigning.

While taking out processions during campaigning, the SEC said, it has been decided that a candidate and his supporters can hold flags upto maximum five in one procession. The size of the flag will be three feet by two feet.

The SEC also banned the use of drums and other musical instruments in processions.

The Commission also clarified that rickshaw is also treated as vehicle regarding restricting processions to three vehicles per candidate.

"The instruction regarding three vehicles to be allowed per candidate would also be applicable to rickshaw. Hence non separate flags on rickshaws are permitted," Mehta said.