New Delhi: The waiting of councilors for hike in their salary is getting prolonged as the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Delhi seems to be looking other way even after their several reminders.

Standing Committee Chairman, Leader of the House and the Mayor passed a resolution regarding wages and allowances of councilors, which would be sent to the Commissioner of MCD, KS Mehra.

According to the resolution, senior Councilors are to be paid Rs 15,000 per month and other Councilors Rs 10,000 per month with an additional allowance of Rs 16,000 per month for computer operator, office expenses etc.

The Commissioner informed the Standing Committee Chairman Yogendra Chandolia that he would soon send the report based on the resolution to the Delhi government. However, Chandolia hinted that he would ask for a detailed explanation of the delay.

The Urban Development Department had written to the Commissioner asking the reason for the delay in effecting increased salary. In spite of many reminders by the department, no heed was paid to it.

Leader of the House Subhash Arya sought for an explanation in this regard. The Commissioner told him that he is involved in consulting with others in this connection and will soon reply to the concerned department.