New Delhi: The tussle between Sheila Dikshit-led government and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) over declaring Chhath day as a public holiday refuses to end.

Refuting Mayor Rajni Abbi’s clearance of declaring Chhath as a public holiday Chief Secretary of Delhi, Praveen Kumar Tripathi said, “The right to declare a public holiday in the country doesn’t come under the ambit of any corporation of any state.”

Earlier, the Mayor had stated that she will be passing a special resolution in the House to make her statement official.

However, Tripathi opines that the gazette notification has to be issued and the information has to be released by the state first. In such conditions, even if the Corporation passes a resolution in the House, it cannot be treated as a public holiday, he added.

If the Corporation wants to declare it as public holiday, the recommendation file should be first sent to the Lt Governor by the Delhi government and only after his recommendation a notification can be issued in this regard. And this can be implemented for 2013 Chhath festival. However, the final decision in this regard will be taken by the Delhi government.

Tripathi, however, informed that there is a provision of including Chhath festival in the list of optional holidays in Delhi and this is being practiced from the past 11 years.

Meanwhile Municipal Commissioner KS Mehra has shown his inclination towards sending the file to the Delhi Government. According to him, he has abided by the rule by sending the file to the government, which would be referred to the Lt Governor.

Mayor Abbi has earlier stated that the Municipal Corporation is an independent body and it is not subject to the rules of the government. She has even advised the Delhi government to take into consideration the sentiments of 40 lakh people and not play politics.

(JPN/ Bureau)