New Delhi:  Toeing the lines of Delhi Government, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is all set to implement the Citizen Charter from Monday onwards under which the officials are bound to give feedback to applicants within the stipulated time.

In case of any infringement in providing services with deadline, MCD has also envisaged provision of taking action against the officials.

At present, only seven services provided by MCD is being taken under Citizen Charter including birth and death certificates, health licence, veterinary licence, trade licence and building plans etc.

For certificate related services, a time period of seven days has been fixed whereas 30 days have been earmarked for clearing applications related with issuing licence.

Speaking about Citizen Charter implementation, Delhi Mayor Rajni Abbi said the officers will be held responsible for delay in providing services and action would be taken against them.

Abbi said the online services of MCD would also come under the aegis of Citizen Charter, emphasising that information in this regard will be provided on the official website of

It is worth mentioning that MCD has already a provision of providing services with a deadline, but there was no provision of holding any official responsible for delay.