New Delhi: After striving for a year, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has managed to gather a list of 60,000 properties and collected an additional amount of Rs 75 crore as property tax in comparison to the financial year 2009-2010.

In 2009-2010, MCD collected Rs 607 crore as property tax from 9.8 lakh property owners whereas in 2010-2011, the organisation added 60,000 new owners to its existing list. In this way, MCD has been able to collect property tax of Rs 772 crore from a total of 10.4 lakh property owners.

Meanwhile, compared to last month, MCD collected an additional amount of Rs 268 crore as transfer duty. In 2009-2010, MCD received a transfer duty of Rs 460 crore. This amount increased to Rs 728 crore by March 2011.

Yogendra Chandolia, Chairman of MCD’s standing committee said, “The remarkable growth in the two major sources of revenues is really satisfactory. We have managed to collect tax of Rs 1500 crore during this year whereas in the previous year our gross collection was Rs 1158 crore”.

He added, “This year we have only 60,000 new tax payers .We are concerned as the number of property tax payers has not increased as it was expected.”

He, however, said in the coming years strict actions will be taken against those who evade tax.

Last year, MCD came up with special schemes to ensure maximum number of tax payers come forward to contribute to the property tax revenue which went futile.

Therefore, the MCD has decided to act against property tax evaders on the basis of DMC Act. This act has the provision of confiscation of bank accounts and attachment of properties of the tax evaders.

According to this act, MCD can even send a person to jail for not paying the tax.