New Delhi: Brace up for loosening the string of your kitty as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has proposed to introduce a new set of taxes in its next fiscal 2012-13.

Delhiites will have to cough up more as the MCD will levy more taxes for giving them the improvised services of education, health, sanitation etc.

According to this proposal, taxes like sanitation charge, betterment tax, education cess will be charged from people residing in the MCD’s areas.

According to the sources, MCD planned to impose betterment tax keeping in mind the development projects it has introduced in the current fiscal. MCD is of the opinion that the betterment tax should be charged from Delhiites because they have been enjoying amenities and other services for the past one year.  The tax will cost them around Rs 5000.

During the Commonwealth Games 2010, MCD spent crores of rupees in beautification of the city. Footpaths, street lights, roads and markets were renovated to give Delhi a new look for the mega event. A good amount of rupees is spent on their maintenance every year.

After the implementation of Right to Education Act 2009 (RTE) two years back, Delhi has witnessed significant developments in the field of education. MCD has invested crores of rupees in this project so far. It also plans to charge 2 percent as education cess.