New Delhi: You can call the Anna effect! The 74-year-old Gandhian’s movement might be over but it has sent jitters across the government offices in the country. The department which seems to be affected the most is Delhi’s Municipal Corporation which has finally awakened to its responsibilities towards the public.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has clearly stated to its over 1.25 lakh employees, who deal directly with the common men, to change their attitude towards work and people else action would be taken against them.

In accordance to this, the MCD headquarters would issue directions and guidelines in a few days to all its offices.

The government has warned officials not to behave in a manner which might have an adverse effect on the common men.

The MCD has also stated that the common man who approaches office should be given God-like status adding that the public officers should take initiative in solving problems of the people and if in case the officer is unable to accept the application, he has to state the reason in writing to the concerned department.

It has been reported that many government offices reject applications over incomplete documentation and do not even state a concrete reason for doing so.

Earlier, BJP Councilors had raised questions over working culture in the government offices. “The change in attitude of government employees is necessary. The services of government departments within the time frame will reflect good image of the department”, they stated. 

Taking the suggestion seriously, MCD Commissioner K S Mehra has ensured that the officials would be given personality development training and taught how to behave with public.