Washington: McDonald's has a new addition to their menu that will provide a healthier option for people. The fast food giant is rolling out a yolk-free version of its Egg McMuffin this spring, media reported.

The world's biggest hamburger chain had previously said that the "Egg White Delight" would be made with a whole grain muffin, Canadian bacon and white cheddar cheese, clocking in at 260 calories. A regular Egg McMuffin has 300.

According to the McDonald's webpage, the egg whites will be grilled and will be sandwiched by 8 grams of whole grains. The Canadian bacon is extra lean as well. The chain announced that it was testing the breakfast sandwich last year.

It was revealed as part of the company's announcement that it would begin posting calorie counts on menu nationwide ahead of a new federal regulation.

The move was also intended to address criticism that fast-food chains such as McDonald's Corp. contribute to rising obesity rates and appeal to customers looking for healthier menu options.

Danya Proud, a spokeswoman for McDonald's, said that people will be able to request egg whites for other breakfast sandwiches too.


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