Ghaziabad: Opposing the land acquisition policies of Central and the state government, social activist Medha Patkar on Wednesday called the farmers to unite against the unjustified acquisition of farm lands for development of industry and housing societies.

The Narmada Bachao Andolan leader, who was here to support farmers said, “We don’t want land acquisition bill but want land rights. Without the consent of farmers their land cannot be given to anyone…its illegal.”

“Be it the Centre or the state governments, all are implementing laws made by the British which subvert the interests of farmers. The way fertile lands are being taken away from farmers and being given to industrialists and builders, it is completely wrong,” Patkar said while highlighting the lacunae in the existing land acquisition laws.

Opposing the hi-tech city plan, she raised questions over relevance of the project. Patkar extended her support to the farmers’ protest against the project.

Farmers of Dasna, Naufal, Bayana, Kanjipura, Mehrauli, Bamheta, Durai, Dujana, Kachera, Ekla, Nyathpur, Gadhi and 15 other villages have opposed the project.

Ghaziabad Development Authority had threatened to demolish structures on September 7, following which a mahapanchayat was organized in Naufal by the Hi-tech City Opposition Protest Society.

(JPN/ Bureau)