Patkar had announced her resignation as member of the party on Saturday, few hours after the NE expelled Yadav and Bhushan for their alleged anti-party activities.

In her letter to AAP convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Patkar expressed displeasure over the way the duo was treated and ousted from executive body notwithstanding their contribution towards building the organisation and its credibility across the country.

She also added AAP lacked mechanism to deal with such incidents.

"I felt sad about the way party leadership is dealing withthe serious concerns expressed by Prashant Bhushanji and Yogendra Yadavji.

"In spite of their contribution over the years towards building the party and its credibility across the country, the way they were treated and also expelled from NE, probably along with Anand Kumar and Professor Ajit Jha, is certainly not justifiable but rather questionable and condemnable," she said in her letter.

The activist, who had joined the party just before the Lok Sabha polls and contested from North-east Mumbai on AAP ticket, further said the organisation lacked mechanism to handle issues and to have serious dialogue with senior volunteer and party supporters.

Patkar also felt communication between party cadre and decision makers too was missing.

"The scenario in many states, exhibiting inconsistency with decisions at centre, also seemed to be creating lack of certainty as well as confusion amongst the cadres and decision makers, time and again, was also a result of lack of communication," she said.

The activist said party's highly committed volunteers were left without guidance due to absence of programmatic agenda during, before and after polls in certain regions/states.

"Having neglected this, success of the party in the Delhi elections, no doubt glaring, as also other achievements appear to be serving a limited purpose in the context of expectations from an alternative politics," she said.

Patkar claimed it was due to similar reasons she had not accepted any position on any committee of AAP.

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