Announcing her decision to quit the party at a media conference at her office in Mumbai, Patkar said, "We have seen such kind of drama in other political parties, but didn't expect this in AAP.

"I was expecting that there will be a solution and, if somebody is making a critical remark, there will be a decision  only after discussion. But the image that has come in front of us, we condemn that. Dirty linen must not be washed in public," she added.

Patkar asserted that Bhushan and Yadav were among those who had contributed to the party and claimed that they were not part of any lobby or group and the charges against them were

As to her resignation, Patkar said, "I took the opinion of conveners in all the states... I never took any position in AAP because I sensed something was not good. So, I quit the party."

"I condemn what happened with Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav," Patkar asserted, adding AAP has become a 'tamasha'.

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