Manmohan Singh has clarified the misunderstanding between him and the government while interacting with some editors of the print media that clearly spells out the fact where nobody can raise finger at his intention, but it is also not possible that everyone will buy his points on different issues. However, despite all odds regarding national-international issues, he is running his government. People have conviction that the country is being led by a man whose probity and integrity cannot be questioned, but the questions are raised time again, whether he is indeed an able Prime Minister or is he free from the controle of Sonia Gandhi? The Prime Minister again reiterated that he is not weak and has good relation with Sonia Gandhi. No one can raise doubt about his warm relation with Sonia Gandhi, because if it is not so, he could not have been Prime Minister. As far as his being a strong Prime Minister is concerned, he has himself accepted that he has to face the compulsion of coalition and perhaps this is the reason for occurrence of 2G scam. The case of 2G scam and many other corruptions underline the slackness of the government and for this the Prime Minister will eventually be held responsible to some extent.   

As the investigation of scams is going on, so it is premature to hold anyone responsible for it and perhaps this is the reason that the Prime Minister has advised media not to deliver its decision on any issue, but going by the facts, it is precise to narrate that there must be some mistakes on the part of government. Be it CWG scams or spectrum scam or Adarsh Society scam, all these malpractices have been done deliberately and hence the Prime Minister had to face criticism. It is hard to believe when these scams were being hatched, the Prime Minister did not have inkling about them. He did not take concrete action to check them. Perhaps, he has been tagged a weak Prime Minister. Taking the advantage of such situation Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev made strategy to create pressure on the government. However, the government has blunted their strategy, apart that the Prime Minister had to clear his stand on all the sticking points. 

It is not so that corruption has cropped up in a day. It has been thriving for years. The moot point is why did not the government think about it earlier to form Lokpal and make law against corruption? Why it happened when the government was deeply rooted in corruption, initiatives were taken to pass Lokpal Bill and make law on black money? The people of the county will question about what has the UPA government done in the last seven years? They will also raise the question regarding improper development of infrastructure or not providing quality education to students. There are lots of discussions on these issues, but in vain. There is only politics or time consuming deliberation in the name of seeking solution. In such a situation, it is obvious that people are restless and the Opposition is making clamour. In such a scenario, if media is putting the government in the dock that irks the Prime Minister, the people of the country will decide about defaulter whether media or the government or the situation under which Manmohan Singh has been running the government.

The country requires such a leadership which should be bold to take concrete decision. How long will people wait for the reform in the country? Are people responsible for the delay in making new law? The UPA government itself is not much keen on bringing reforms in the system, as it frustrates people. It is fair if the Prime Minister pins blames on media for such a dismal situation. It is the role of media to unearth the problems and find out their causes. Media will blame only those who are accountable for such a scenario. India is a country of youth which is accepted by the Prime Minister himself. He should know that youths do not have as much patience as elders have.  As youths are equipped with information and new ideas, they are more impatient. Can media ignore their impatience? The leaders sitting on high pedestal are too old to be impatient, but it does not mean that they will sit idle. They are very cautious while dealing with complex issues, but the youth leaders of the ruling dispensation are deviated from their path. These impatient leaders are raising their voice to make Rahul a Prime Minister. This demand is not being made by media. Perhaps these impatient leaders do have expectation from Rahul, because he is also concerned with social causes. Whether these leaders are demanding for making Rahul as Prime Minister owing to sheer sycophancy or senior leaders are not keeping pace with the time. Whenever, there is a demand for making Rahul a Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh faces difficulty. Rahul Gandhi does not consider himself matured enough to be the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi is also not pushing Rahul’s name for the PM going by the gravity for the post, lest young Congress leaders would have made him Prime Minister much earlier.

Manmohan Singh is very serious, docile and learned statesman. His name will be written in golden letters, because he in the capacity of Finance Minister had helped India come out of crisis, but he failed to impress people. If he had to explain repeatedly, he is not a weak Prime Minister, media will have to analyze the root cause of it. Truly speaking, the Prime Minister doesn’t like analysis of media. He has right to scrap media’s analyses, but in present scenario the questions will remain relevant due to the reason whether he would be able to deliver his duty with decisive leadership for which the constitution of India has given given him power.

(An original copy of the article published in Hindi on July 3, 2011 translated by the English Editorial. The author is Group Editor of Dainik Jagran)