New Delhi: In order to educate school children on media, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has taken an initiative to open media clubs in schools.

Media as a subject is studied after Class XII in India, however, now CBSE has started a media course at school level also. Many countries have media as a subject from Class 1.

In this view, the NCERT’s plan to open a media club will prove to be a milestone and several schools in Delhi are already holding such clubs.

Informing about media club, Principal of Mount Abu School, Jyoti Arora said, “We have started a media club as per the initiatives taken by the NCERT officials and media studies department.”

As per the NCERT, every media club in various schools will have a coordinator and a teacher.

Schoolchildren will be informed about various aspects of media by the NCERT.

“Through the media clubs, students will publish newspapers, documentaries, media diary, advertisements, talk shows, etc,” she added.

Under this concept, 100 teachers were trained. The bulletins prepared by students in the media clubs will be aired on Doordarshan and Gyan Dharshan channel.