Kolkata: Stung by criticism of her government's choice of newspapers for state and state-aided libraries and a professor's arrest over circulation of a cartoon showing her in poor light, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday alleged a section of the media saw only negatively about her government.

She said the media appeared to paint a negative picture of her government's performance and claimed her government scored "a hundred out of hundred" as far as performance was concerned.

"You do not see positively. You see negatively. If you see positively, the performance of the government is 100 out of 100," Mamata told a correspondent while leaving the state secretariat for the day.

Mamata had recently alleged a section of the media was presenting "distorted news" against the state government.

"There is a limit to everything. No one can impose his or her personal opinion on others. Freedom is your right but don’t impose your freedom on others.... Don’t think that you have secured the right to do anything just because you have the pen in your hand", she had said.