Guwahati: Media reports quoting ULFA chairman Arabindo Rajkhowa that his outfit procured weapons and taken the help of the Pakistan government and the ISI were not true, its elusive 'command-in-chief' Paresh Baruah said on Wednesday.

"This allegation is completely baseless and such reports have been made with a purpose. It is nothing new that such malicious negative publicity is given to the ULFA, but this time chairman Rajkhowa has been quoted," Baruah said in an email to the media.
"We challenge those making such claims to prove with direct or indirect evidence that we took weapons and other help from Pakistani fundamentalists or the ISI," he said.

Stating that the ULFA did not encourage religious fundamentalists, Baruah said "since the day the ULFA started its armed struggle, such malicious campaigns have been
launched against us by the colonial rulers and they will continue to do so."

ULFA 'chairman' Arabinda Rajkhowa on Tuesday,  in an interview had denied that the group was backed by Pakistani Islamic fundamentalists.

Admitting that the ULFA did go to Pakistan when 'Operation Bajrang' was launched in Assam in 1990, Rajkhowa now out on bail said, "Just because we went there, does not
mean that Pakistan gave us all our weapons." On the controversy over 'Lt Arun Udoy Dohutia' issuing press statements on behalf of the ULFA, Baruah said, "there is no cause for debate on the existence of the convener of the ULFA central publicity wing. Whatever statement he issues is the present status of the ULFA."

During his interview, Rajkhowa had claimed that Dohutia was not known and therefore no recognition was given to the statements given by him in the name of Paresh Baruah
against the talks.