Ranchi: Ace Indian swimmers on Sunday agreed with Olympian Nisha Millet's opinion that media support could lift the popularity of aquatics by bringing more spectators and sponsors to the pool.

"The media should ask itself why it is not giving aquatics its share of coverage. Young swimmers are coming up very fast and performing well," RSPB's Sandeep Sejwal said at Aquatic Stadium.
Already qualified for London Olympics, Sejwal's reaction comes in the backdrop of Millet's statement recently saying that people in the country will change their minds if swimming is given the kind of media blitz and corporate support it gets at international meets.

Millet was the first Indian woman Olympic qualifier when she participated in the 2000 Sydney games before retiring six years later.

Veteran swimmer Rehan Poncha, who has won five gold medals in the ongoing 65th Senior National Aquatic Championships, said aquatics' coverage by the media was not as much compared to its coverage of other sports.

Saurabh Sangvekar, who has pocketed four gold medals in the ongoing championships, was straight forward in his opinion saying too much cricket coverage has left very little space for swimming.

Karnataka's Aaron Agnel D'Souza said events organised in metro cities would definitely bring a lot of recognition to the game.
Gujarat's Anshul Kothari, who won gold in the men's 50 metre freestyle, however, felt that media attention is better than before.

Ace woman swimmer Richa Mishra, who has won five gold medals in the ongoing championships said, "I don't read newspapers or magazines. I only think of swimming, my training and competitions."