Farmer by occupation, Gopalaswami is an expert in treating snake bites, injuries, diarrhoea, diabetes, strokes, white patches, backbone problems, cancer, wounds or headache using his own medicinal mixes. He has treated more than 50,000 people in Chitradurga over the past 23 years.

His treatment involves combining medicinal leaves sourced from Ayurveda shops at Chitradurga or Vallalar with local herbs.

Also, Gopalaswami seeks the blessing of Lord Ugranarsimha (God Vishnu) before initiating treatment. He is believed to have found a partially destroyed statue of the deity which he consecrated in the village and has been worshipping ever since.

Gopalaswami explained, “God directly talks to me like I talk to anyone else. I discuss the patient’s problems with him and on the basis of whatever he says, I get the idea of the type of medicine to use. I give medicines in the name of God.”

Remembering a case as his achievement, he said, “Maheshwarappa from a nearby village came to me on being bitten by a snake. He was in a critical condition and his parents had taken him to Manipal hospital (Karnataka), where doctors failed to cure him. His heart bloated in a few days. As a last resort, his parents brought him to me and I removed the poison from his body within 2-3 hours.”

Gopalaswami is particularly keen to point out that his treatments are devoid of side-effects. “There are no side effects and nobody ever died while taking my medicines. But if anyone is in doubt at any point of time, he/she should undergo medical tests,” he said.

The most surprising facet of his practice is that he charges no fee to cure anyone. If he has to commute to find herbs, he charges his patients for transportation.

Even in this fast-moving era, these therapies matter a lot to those who have faith on it but for those who don’t, doctors are their God. For many in Chitradurga, Gopalaswami’s magical herbs have proven to be a lifesaver in many emergency cases.


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By Sneha Shree/ JPN

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