'Meeruthiya Gangsters'
U/A; Comedy-crime
Director: Zeishan Quadri
Cast: Sanjay Mishra, Mukul Dev, Aakash Dahiya
Rating: 3 star

While the six youngsters are not seasoned criminals, they take up to crime to make a quick buck, ironically to be able to bribe for a decent job in a multinational company. Director Zeishan Quadri, who co-wrote the screenplay of 'Gangs of Wasseypur' (2012), should be given the credit for unique characterisation to each of his six protagonists.

Things start rolling fast when the six kidnap an employee of a spice company and the ransom comes quicker than they’d imagined. A bigger heist is planned, thanks to an aggressively ambitious girlfriend of one of them.
One extra star for Zeishan for portraying women as unapologetically feisty and sometimes the driving force behind the men’s moves and ambitions.

Life, as we know, is cheap in this country and especially, in smaller towns. But instead of moaning over it, the director narrates the fluid story of the young protagonists and their unconditional acceptance of certain inevitable facts, padded with dollops of humour and easy banter.

Even though outwardly they seem to be just about tolerating each other, the six-member team has a strong core, which even if shaken once in a while, because of the women, soon goes back to being what it was. Each actor delivers a competent performance.

Though at places it seems to be trying too hard, 'Meeruthiya Gangsters' is mostly a delightful comedy which keeps you constantly entertained with its relentless pace and casual approach towards everything, including their ends. Good one time watch, for sure.



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