A beautiful painting is no-holds-barred expression of emotions. The painting is literally the reflection of creative minds and nimbleness of hands. But the nub of the matter is what about the painting without brush??? Well, yes this question may compel to raise your eyebrow but it is true as there is no dearth of personality with eccentric mind in this incredible world. Here we present 4 weird painters’ stories who use eccentric techniques to portray their emotions on the canvas.

The man who paints with his penis

What are the things one need to draw something? The answer would be paint brush or in some cases fingers. But if the same question is asked to an Australian painter, Tim Patch, his answer will be ‘penis’! Tom Patch, who affectionately named himself ‘Pricasso’, has ditched paintbrush and use penis to play with colours on canvas.

Pricasso uses his bum to paint in the backgrounds since it would take too much time to use his other tool and it looks better. . Pricasso takes his work on the road and appears at various sex trade shows, putting on live painting demonstrations for passersby.

On asking him about this unique style of painting he said, "Painting on canvas for hours on end is not very kind to your skin. It's pretty tiring and it gets really sore … I use antiseptic,”, quoted a website as Tim saying.

The painter who paints with basketballs

Playing basketball is considered as an effective method of being slim and trim but what if it becomes the medium of expressing one’s imagination!

A 26-years-old Malaysian girl, named Hong Yi became a well known name over night after painting a strikingly detailed portrait of Yao Ming, a basketball player who recently retired from the Houston Rockets.

Hong gained a serendipitous fame overnight after uploading a video showing her unique artwork in You Tube which became a rage among the netizens.

The painter who uses human blood

Blood is vital for sustaining life but what if it becomes a medium of expressing thoughts through paintings.

Vinicius Quesada is a talented street artist from Brazil who likes to add a shock value to his artwork. His series entitled, Blood Piss Blues, were created using exactly what it says – blood and urine. The Brazilian street artist makes incredibly detailed psychedelic art of violent geishas, smoking monkeys, and other apocalyptic images.

The painter who uses her breasts

For a woman her assets are most important thing but using assets for expressing imagination is weird as American artist Kira Ayn Varszegi uses her 38DD breasts as brushes, to create original paintings. Kira Ayn's technique may be original but it's also rather simple – she just applies oil paint directly to her breasts and presses them against the canvas. The process is repeated several times, using various color combinations and transfer techniques, until she is satisfied with her work. Kira claims the secret to her success lies in the way she mixes colors in order to get a well-balanced composition, but I'm thinking it might also have something to do with her boobs.

The main purposes of her art are to provoke emotion, make living spaces beautiful, and most importantly, put a smile on people's faces. To reach these goals she has taught herself to use different mediums, from common brushes, to toys, vegetables and various body parts. You might think painting with her breasts is just silly, but Kira Ayn Varszegi is an established artist who sells most of her works on eBay, for a few hundred dollars, each. She claims she has sold paintings all around the world, and that there's at least one of her artworks on a wall in each US state.