New York: A five-year-old from California can recite the full name of every US president, with a bevy of interesting facts about each one.

Arden Hayes loves everything his fellow tots do-Legos, running around the room and planets. It's just that he just also happens to be a savant on presidential history.

"I think Arden's passion for the presidents was sparked by, when one day, we were learning about who was born on his birthday. And Arden shares a birthday with FDR, and so he got really excited about learning more about the presidents," his mother, Lynn Hayes told a daily.

The toddler can tell you on command who the 29th President was (Warren G. Harding), who the first president to use a telephone was (Rutherford B. Hayes) and that George H.W. Bush hated eating broccoli, a daily reported.

His parents recognized Arden's gift immediately and have tried to foster their son's presidential passion by feeding him head-of-state-themed books, puzzles and music.


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