Daily commuters of the city can often seen Bharat begging at busy Azad Maidan or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. He does a full time job of begging around 8 to 10 hours of a day, and earn approximately Rs 60,000 per day, which is even more than the earnings of Chief Ministers of India.

 The 'Richest' beggar of the country, Bharat is the owner of two adjacent 1 BHK apartments in posh Parel area, which worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Beside the apartment, the beggar also owns a shop at Bhandup area, which he has been rented out and earning out around Rs 20,000 from the rent.

The 49-year old Bharat is a complete family man who, lives with his father, wife, brother and two sons at his Parel flats. His two sons are studying in class X and XII.

So, next time when you spare few change to a beggar while driving or walking recall that he may be wealthier than you. And Bharat is not the sole example of this rich beggars list in the country. There are many others who can even throw you challenges with their monthly income. Check who are they:

Krishna Kumar Gite owns a flat

Krishna is another amazing young venture holder, whose favourite begging spot is CP Tank near Charni Road in Mumbai. He owns a flat at Nallasopara, where he lives with his brother, who handles all his financial matter.

Sarvatia Devi, pays Rs. 36,000 annually as insurance premium

Sarvatia Devi, who hails  Patna is among the most famous female beggars in the country. She has got a comfortable home behind Ashok Cinemas in Patna, and her daughter is married and well settled. Sarvatia made smart investments and pays Rs.36,000 annually as insurance premium.

"It's a fun travelling on trains free of cost. I board any train and beg till I reach my destination," Sarvatia said.

Sambhaji Kale, owner ofa flat in Virar and two houses in Solapur

Sambhaji Kale, with his family of four, begs in the Khar area of Mumbai, and earns around a thousand bucks a day. He owns a flat in Virar and two houses and a also piece of land in Solapur. He even has made some investments worth thousands and around half a lakh in the bank.

Massu changes from slick clothes to a beggar outfit at a film studio and takes an auto to 'work!'
In his mid sixties, Massu alias Malana is probably the fashionable beggar you will ever see. He takes an auto-rickshaw to his begging spot, changes into beggar clothes and works really hard for 8  hours and then takes an auto back home. Massu owns property worth 30 Lakhs and other savings he won't disclose.

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