London: A pair of inseparable men from Brighton, England spend an astonishing 98 percent of their waking time together after forging a 13-year friendship.

Lee Arnold, 23, and Neil Barnard, 24, who are proud of their TOWIE-style so-called 'Bromance', work, live, and sometimes even read in bed together, media reported.

Despite their incredible closeness which also includes them wearing matching clothes, the pair insist that they are not gay.

Much to the annoyance of their long-suffering girlfriends, the pair are rarely out of each other's sight 12 hours a day seven days a week.

Arnold even went for the same job role as Barnard at a home improvement company - just so he could spend more time with his chum.

Not content with spending just the working day together, Barnard then moved in with Arnold and his girlfriend Jade, 25, just over a month ago.

They have been announced as "Britain's biggest Bromance" after a two-month nation-wide search of 7,000 entries.

Neil, who is currently teaching Lee the acoustic guitar, said: "He's my best mate and I love him. Not enough blokes say that enough about their friends.

"We've been inseparable since a young age and we're always having a laugh together. We just like being in each other's company. I would trust him with my life," he said.

The pals first met each other when they were just 11 years old and soon became best mates - even swapping their timetables so they could be in the same classes.

Ever since, this friendship blossomed and after Arnold was left on his own while soldier Barnard served in Afghanistan, the pair made a vow never to leave each other's side once he returned.


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