Let's see different types of women commuters one must have come across in the metro in the national capital:

Selfie freaks
As soon as she enters the metro, their camera mode gets on. Despite it being an offense, they pose and click till they find a picture perfect for themselves.

Adjusting girls
"Can you please shift a bit, I'll adjust," are the most commonly found girls in the Delhi metro. They will certainly adjust even if they will be on the verge of falling.

Staring ones
It is not always men stare at women. Many a times, it is women who notice their fellow passengers in the metro. From foot-wear to hair-style, she will keep a check on everything.

Peeping mobile phone ladies
Few women are more interested than you to check the latest message you received on your mobile phone. At times, such creatures will also advise you on your next step to a message or a game move.

Beauty queens

It is more likely in the Delhi Metro that you would come across the beauty queens available in the national capital. Draped in the most unmatched dresses, they would take your attention that at times you would miss your destination.

The courageous & rebellious

“Can you just read, it's 'women’s seat', can't you hear 'eating in the metro is a punishable offense' or would you please mind to get your bag off your back,” must have hit your ear-drums once if you are a regular metro commuter. This is another kind of women found in the metro.

Rule breakers
Each metro train has several women on-board who sit on the floor or eat inside the coach. You and even train announcements cannot stop them.

Loudspeaker girls
There are many women who want you to know about all the happenings in their life. With their loud voice, they turn attention seeker in the crowd. Also, as people have nothing to do with them, listening to their talks turns out to be a great pass time.

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