The strangely pigmented creature was captured near Bridlington in East Yorkshire in 2010 and has been looked after by curious staff who have since monitored his colourful transition at Scarborough Sea Life Centre.

The chances of a lobster being two separate colours on each half of its body is around one in 50 million and Harley Quinn is arguably even rarer as his claws have colours opposite to those in the corresponding sides of his body, making him look like he has been divided into four.

He is named after the comic servants called harlequins, who wore brightly coloured suits. The sea creature amazed experts when it was caught in 2010 with a yellow, red and black body, buts its unusual appearance has intensified with each moult.

Harley, who is thought to be five or six years old, has now shed his unique armour for the second time since his arrival at the centre and his keepers were delighted to see his new suit is his most spectacular yet.

“He was a reddish-black on one side and sandy colour on the other, he has now a deep electric blue down one side,” said Amy McFarlane, of the centre.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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