London: Barack Obama’s half-brother George lives in a notorious African slum, while the US President inhabits the luxurious surroundings of the Oval Office and flies aboard Air Force One.

George Obama has battled addictions to drink and drugs for most of his life at the same time, as his relative has enjoyed a meteoric rise to power.

The 30-year-old, who was once hooked on cocaine, says that his surname is frequently a burden to him.

The two men may share the same father, but while Obama was born in Hawaii to his father’s American second wife, George — born in Kenya — was the product of Obama Senior’s fourth marriage.

Today, while Barack entertains at the White House, flies aboard Air Force One and is a friend of film stars and royalty, George, 30, is to be found slumped in his corrugated iron shack which even fellow slum-dwellers regard as a hovel.

Details of his unorthodox lifestyle emerged with news that he has agreed to appear in a documentary film being made by one of Barack Obama’s most trenchant critics.

Called '2016,' and directed by the production team behind ‘Schindler’s List,’ the film sets out the supposed horrors of another four years of Obama in office — though George does not criticise the President on screen.

It is the idea of US author Dinesh D’Souza, whose book ‘The Roots Of Obama’s Rage’ paints a deeply unflattering portrait of the “narcissistic” President.

George has also written a memoir, called ‘Homeland’.

Published in 2012, it details how he turned his back on a middle-class Kenyan upbringing to live among the desperately poor in Nairobi’s infamous slums.

The book’s precis says: “George chooses to live in the Nairobi ghetto, where he works to help the ghetto-dwellers, and especially the slum kids, overcome the challenges surrounding their lives.”

George says in the book: “My brother has risen to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Here in Kenya, my aim is to be a leader among the poorest people on Earth: those who live in the slums.”

In what sounds like the script for a Hollywood film, he claims to have been the driving force behind the transformation of a slum football team into one of the top sides in Kenya, known as “Obama’s champs.”

Such, apparently, is his devotion to good works that many Kenyans want George to stand for President, believing anyone sharing the name and blood of the most powerful politician on the planet can transform their lives.

Although he claims not to be using heroin or cocaine, George now spends his time drinking what locals call Chang’aa — a spirit distilled with maize and spiked with chemicals — from the moment he wakes to the moment he slips into unconsciousness.

Laced with ethanol, embalming fluid or battery acid to give it more kick, this substance is regularly blamed for causing blindness and death when the criminal syndicates behind the trade mix it wrongly.


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