Even if those, who have no email account so far, are striving hard to become tech-savvy in this technology-driven era. But, while using your email account, have you ever wondered who is the person behind such a historic invention?

Currently, serving as a scientist in US, Mumbai-born VA Shiva Ayyadurai at the age of mere 14 in 1979 had invented the most useful thing of today, the 'email'.

While in high school in New Jersey, a Tamilian boy, Ayyadurai had developed the electronic version of an interoffice mail system and called it 'EMAIL'. Later in 1982, he got his invention copyrighted.

Keen to study computer programming,  Ayyadurai in his teen had attended a summer program at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University (NYU).

The bright scholar from Livingston High School in New Jersey began his work on email system for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. His hard work and dedication paid and he became the man behind EMAIL invention.

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His got his software copyrighted in 1982 when the copyright was equivalent to a patent as there was no other way to protect software inventions.

Based on his work, Ayyadurai won a Westinghouse Science Talent Search Award for high school seniors in 1981.

He later joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Owing to his dedication towards studies, he continued in MIT and completed Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Ph D in Biological Engineering.

However, the claims Ayyadurai made for the invention led to controversy over his place in the history of computer technology, with some other people claiming to have invented email.

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