She dared to dream beyond her means to build a hospital for the underprivileged. She bought a plot of land at Hasnapukur in the interiors of Thakurpukur where the most of the people hail from poor category. Her dreams come into reality after opening a small clinic in a small hut and thus the hospital saw the day of light.

As she was dreaming for the sake of humanity, it was christened as Humanity Hospital, managed by Humanity Trust, registered under Indian Trust Act in the year 1993, I.T. Act in the year 1994 and F.C.R. Act in the year 1995.

In 1996, Humanity Hospital started its operation in a small village named Hanspukur in West Bengal. It is a true tale of dedication, commitment, vision, ambition and great determination came upto reality.

Today, the hospital is offering free medical treatment to thousands of patients per year and slowly expanding its reaches to the remotest corner of the region where still there are many who lack access to affordable medical treatment.

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