But to many people, spiders just make their skin crawl. Eight legs and the potential to inject poison can have that effect.

Now what about a real-life prank involving these web spinners? Not just any small trick involving plastic bugs but a joke complete with props, captured by amateur videographers.

YouTube prank group SA Wardega, fronted by Sylwester Wardega, created and shot a similar prank. The group shot it in a horror-genre style that would make John Carpenter proud. The concept involved a mutant giant spider-dog, and the five-minute viral video shows just how fearsome the creature can be, even if it is just a little doggy.

Chica, the dog-spider, is a four-legged fur-ball actor garbed in an eight-legged tarantula costume. She also has a Facebook fan page, with the message, “Yo! I want your soul.” Yikes — a mutant spider-dog with keyboarding skills!

SA Wardega has made other prank videos but nothing quite like this horrifying montage. The video earned nearly four million hits in a day.

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