Here, we have enlisted some aspiring women enterpreneurs that have become a role model for many.

1. Suchi Mukherjee:

Suchi Mukherjee is the founder of  'Limeroad' website. It is a digital platform that encourages people to experiment with new looks and fashion statements. Before launching her own website, Suchi had worked with eBay, Skype and gumtree.  

2. Aditi Gupta:

Aditi is the founder of ''. She started this site in Novemebr 2012 which aims at educating girls and women about periods and breaking the various myths attached to this taboo subject.

3. Saloni malhotra:

This young lady is the founder and CEO of 'Desicrew', an IT-enabled service company that provides support services and employment opportunities in rural areas and small towns of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. She stepped down as the CEO of Desicrew in March 2012 and her company received worldwide appreciation for this innovative approach.

4. Anu Sridharan:

Next in the list is Anu Sridharan, who is the founder of 'Nextdrop', a company which allows Indian residents in the urban areas to track the availability of piped water through SMS. She was 23 years old when she became the CEO of this social startup.

5. Sheetal Mehta Walsh:

Sheetal is the founder of Shanti Life, a unique microfinance platform aiming at serving the poor in Gujarat slums and villages so that they can create sustainable businesses. Sheetal is also the co-founder of MetaCert, a company that provides products and services for family safety online.

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